Frequently asked questions

  • Questions about the website

    • Why is the map application not loading?

      If you are using the Internet Explorer browser application, please note the you have to accept all cookies from external providers in order to view the map.

      You can find this setting in your browser in the command line under Extras / Internet options in the Date security tab. Here click on the field "advanced" and select "Override automatic cookie handling" and accept cookies from first and third-party providers. Refresh the page (by pressing the F5 button).

      If the map still does not load, please contact us via our Contact form.

      Alternatively you can also use a different browser.

    • Where can I find the contact form?

      In the footer under Contact.

    • Where can I find descriptions of the cycle routes?

      You can find the cycle routes under D-Routes.

  • Questions regarding content

    • Which hotels are located along the D-Route 3?

      The German Cycle Network map shows several overnight accommodations that have been certified according to the quality criteria for bicycle-friendly businesses by ADFC as Bed+Bike businesses and are identified by this symbol.