To the north, the exciting mixture of fascinating nature and culture continues. At the biosphere reserve "Elbe River Landscape" we cross through oxbow arms and wetland meadows, and then change to dunes and dikes. This is the home of amphibians, several species of birds and even the beaver.

Scenic villages such as Hitzacker, Boizenburg or Lauenburg supplement the landscape with their harbors, storages and shippers houses. If you want to find out about shipping, you have come to the right place. There are several museums here providing details on the landscape and the use of the rivers.

Shortly before the end of the route, the scene becomes metropolitan again. The mouth of the Elbe is crowned the the Hanseatic city of Hamburg with its harbors, gangplanks and promenade. Vast giants of the oceans deeply hum across the water, seeming to tell of their worldly travels. To the west of the city, the "Alte Land" is Germany's largest fruit-growing region. The historic city centers of Stade and Glückstadt are well worth a visit.

The Elbe is now become broader and broader – so much so that you can hardly see the other side of the river. The cycle tourist have now arrived at the estuary of the Elbe at the sea spa Cuxhaven with the Wadden Sea National Park of Lower Saxony maritime.