Middle Elbe

Shortly behind the Saxony-Anhalt border is the biosphere reserve 'Elbe River Landscape'. It extends 400 km along the Elbe River to Lauenburg in Lower Saxony. Here you find the largest uninterrupted riverside forest region in Central Europe, which boasts a unique collection of flora and fauna.

Magdeburg welcomes you from afar with its monuments cathedral, the cloister Unsere Lieben Frauen" and the St. John's Church. These are witnesses of the great history of the state capital. Magdeburg also has modern elements, such as the Hundertwasser architecture project Grüne Zitadelle.

Important historic elements are also found in Altermark with its hundreds of Romanesque and Gothic churches. The former Hanseatic cities of Tangermünde, Stendal, Havelberg and Werben present their impressive cathedrals and powerful city gates.

But there's also plenty of nature. The 'Elbe River Valley Meadows and Prignitz are wonderful natural adventures. In the summer, the "Gevatter" stork with his red stockings, is a particularly beautiful site. Storks can be observed in huge numbers especially in the stork city of Europe, Rühstädt.