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Von Hamburg nach Dresden

After all, if you live near the Elbe river and you make use of the cycle route in the Dresden region, wouldn't it make just perfect sense to take a bike trip along the Elbe? First we planned on riding from Dresden toward Hamburg - as far as we could get and then take the train back home. The piece of advice that was offered to us, "Starting from Hamburg you'll have tailwinds" made us change our plans.

So we took the train to Hamburg and from there to Dresden. Well, the tailwind thing didn't seem to apply to this week, but at least we were pretty lucky in terms of weather: just a few short periods of rain on three days and temperatures ranging from 20 - 25 degrees Celsius.

Elbe Cycle Route does not mean that you ride along the Elbe the entire time. During many of the sections you don't even see the river. But, the signposting along the cycle path was pretty good, so you always knew where you were going.


WittenbergIn the north we had a cozy ride along the Elbe dam, hardly riding through any villages, which is why we encounter several species of birds: many storks, herons, birds of prey can be observed from the comfort of your bike. From Magdeburg the route takes us through several villages and forests - a strong contrast to the route in the north.

We found the most beautiful section of the route was from Lauenburg to Cumlosen and Dessau to Elster.

by Andre Kulissa, Spring 2011


During my 500-kg cycling tour Elbe-Oder-Spree I had the opportunity to discover and admire many things, but above all, I was able to relax. I would particularly like to highlight my ride along the river Elbe and through the Uckermark region, and let's not forget the ride along the river Oder. I will never forget the display of nature I saw and also heard.

The other regions I visited on bike were very charming and I will surely pay them another visit - on a somewhat shorter route.

The only mishap during the entire long bike tour as a broken spoke, which was nothing compare to what I have experienced on other tours.
It is remarkable that it is actually possible to discover nature by bike on 500 km of well-developed bike paths and I would like to take this opportunity - and I am sure I don't just speak for myself - to thank you for this.

All in all it was an experience - a trip through nature.

1st stage: Wittenberge - Pritzwalk

The 1st part starting from Wittenberge runs along D-Route 10/Elbe Cycle Path until shortly before Neuwerben, from here the route continues on the Bishops Route. Since 2009, the tour also takes you along the Elbe-Müritz circuit, which makes partial use of the two other routes and the continues on other ones.

The route predominantly consists of concrete as well as all other types of ridable cycle path (forest, gravel, etc.). The first stage of the route Wittenberge-Pritzwalk is very easy to ride.

The river Elbe is not far once you have reached Wittenberge, there is not much one can say about the unbelievably beautiful scenery along the Elbe. You have to experience it for yourself!

Riding through beautiful and peaceful nature preserves, taking breaks to the left and right, relaxing, observing. As I just said, right before Neuwerben we leave the Elbe, the memories of an Elbe-only tour however remain for a long time.

We now continue through Prignitz, along fields and forests, beautiful little villages, always far from traffic. Here too you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature.

Stage 5 on D-Route 12

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by Jörg Schade, not dated

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