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A D-route leading from the Baltic Seas to the foothills of the Alps. There is hardly any other cycling trip that offers this much contrast. You can see what other things there are to experience here...

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D-Route 11 / Baltic Sea - Upper Bavaria

This route is, besides D-Route 9 the second-largest north-south route in Germany. On this route, the cyclist sees large eastern regions: the lowlands of Mecklenburg and Brandenburg, the low mountain range of the Thuringia Forest and Upper Franconia, the gently rolling hills of Lower and Upper Bavaria, the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Urban highlights along the route are Berlin, Nuremburg and Munich, as well as several lovely medium-sized towns such as Rostock, Potsdam, Halle, Jena or Bamberg There are some athletic challenges in the Franconia region between Hof and Kulmbach.

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