Your cycling experiences on the D-Route 11

Von Saalfeld nach Halle (Saale-Radweg)

Day 1: Saalfeld - Prostendorf (65 km)

Following a rainy summer, the weather forecast promised great weather for early autumn and the upcoming long weekend.
As Olli had already had a prior canoeing engagement at the river Saale that started on Wednesday, I decided to reroute my spontaneous bike trip along the Saale to be able to join up with the canoers in the evening.

You can cover greater distances by bike than you can by canoe, so I decided to start in Saalfeld, just like the canoers. My journey started by train from Magdeburg at 6:12 a.m. and I arrived in Saalfeld at 10:30 a.m. After a short round through Saalfeld, I started my pursuit.

My daily target was a camping grounds in or around Jena. As chance would have it, the Saale Cycle Route lead me to Wehr Jana-Burgau at exactly the same time that the canoers were changing rivers. We headed toward the camping grounds Porstendorf behind Jena to spend the night.

Day 2:Porstendorf - Saaleck
(40 km)

On the second day's stage, I wanted to adjust my daily destination on the Saale Cycle Route to the canoers. Therefore I had plenty of time to visit the Dornburg palaces and climb up to Saaleck castle. I know Rudelsburg Castle (see picture) from several previous cycling tours along the Saale. As it was very hot, I finished the day off in Bad Kösen on the Radinsel with a delicious freshly made wine, the regional speciality Federweißer. In the evening I went back to Karina's Cabin at the foot of the Rudelsberg near Saale - kilometer 175 where we could spend the night in the hay barn.

Day 3: Saaleck - Halle (85 km)

I planned a longer tour for the third day, as the canoers were on their final stage and there were no further meeting points. I also wanted to prevent having to change trains at Hallens. Changeover times are very short and fairly difficult with baggage and bicycles and I didn't want to end my tour stressfully. So I had 85 kilometers to go today.

The spots to stop for a refreshment were pretty full on such an excellent day for a trip, which is why I took my first break at a Snack-Cafe Wagon with a view of the Saale in Bad Dürrenberg. During my break, with a nice piece of cake I found out that Olli had already finished his short canoe tour and that he was already waiting for me with the Sachsen-Anhalt-Ticket at the train station in Hallens. I still had another 35 kilometers to go, so I had to rush it a bit. The signs in Merseburg and Halle weren't very clear, which cost me some time. After I rode up the Silberhöhe for the third time, I spontaneously took the direct route to the train station. Finally, at 5:43 p.m. we took our train back to Magdeburg.

More beautiful pictures of the cycling tour along the Saale here...

by Sabine Spohr, autumn 2011

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