D-Route 3 from Vreden-Zwillbrock to Küstrin-Kietz

Versatility and variety are the words that characterize your bike trip along D-Route 3. This route runs along the entire section of the European Bicycle Route R1 960 kilometers crossing straight through Germany.

D-Route 3 takes you from Vreden through Münsterland, eastern Westphalia, the Weser Hills and Solling to the northern edges of the Harz. From there you cross the Magdeburger Börde to the River Elbe with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Dessau-Roßlau and Lutherstadt Wittenberg and the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve. On your way toward Berlin, you will encounter the hill of Fläming Heath and experience Potsdam as well as the German capital from a cycler's perspective. You will find a peaceful contrast to the hustling and bustling city life in the vast open spaces of Märkische Schweiz and Oderbruch where you ultimately reach the Polish border at Küstrin-Kietz.

D-Route 3 is part of the European Bicycle Route from the coast of the French Channel to St. Petersburg. It is also part of EuroVelo Route 2 (Capitals Route) from Dublin to Moscow.

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  • 960 kilometers crossing straight through Germany
  • Vreden-Zwillbrock (nl) to Küstrin-Kietz (pl)
  • 225 cyclist-friendly quarters
  • 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
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