D-Route 3 - Germany's most beautiful places

Kilometer by kilometer, the route goes on endlessly through the same landscape, the village you are about to enter seems oddly familiar and the head wind simply will not let off?

One thing is for sure - you are definitely not on D-Route 3! Diversity is your constant companion on this route. Even during a single day's stage, the landscape can change radically. Flat stretches of land like in Münsterland, the Harz foothills, the River Elbe, Fläming and Oderbruch alternate with moderate upward slopes in the Teutoburg Forest, the Weser Hills and Märkische Schweiz. Then go up and away to the heights of the Harz mountain whose northern slopes boast a view far off into the distance.

Old cultural landscapes, river courses, former coal mining regions, idyllic half-timbered houses and pulsating metropolises such as Münster, Potsdam and Berlin are all waiting along D-Route 3 to be discovered by bike.

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