Märkische Schweiz / Seenland Oder-Spree

After you leave the eastern city limits of Berlin at Erkner, the route leads you through a wonderful lake landscape – small and bigs lakes situated next to one another like pearls on a string. The natural reserve Märkische Schweiz with its charming hills gives an entirely different picture. The last stage of D-Route 3 leads through Oderbruch zur Oder and the last few kilometers along the Oder-Neiße cycle path (D-Route 12) to Küstrin-Kietz. From here you can travel back by train via Berlin or continue further east on the European Bicycle Route R1 to St. Petersburg.

Route track downloads

Route sections in the lake region of Oder-Spree

Rehfelde - Neuhardenberg (21 kb)

Neuhardenberg - Küstrin-Kietz (19 kb)

The weather in Märkischen Schweiz
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