Telgte - Place of pilgrimage


Various architectural styles adorn the historic city center of Telgte. Some sights worth seeing are the art deco buildings in the Kapellenstraße, the late-Gothic St. Clemens church, several "Gängsken and Pättkes" (alleys and trails), the many art objects made of bronze and sandstone as well as the market place with its cozy atmosphere.

Pilgrimage chapel and nativity museum

The largest attraction in Telgte is the pilgrimage chapel with its 600 year old pieta in the northern part of the historic city center. Some 150,000 pilgrims visit Telgte every year. The Nativity Museum and the Museum Heimathaus Münsterland is located directly next to the chapel. The yearly nativity exhibition in the wintertime is a well-known event with nationwide esteem.

The historic city center of Telgte

Small alleys, squares and niches of the historic city center of Telgte along with the city's medieval structures generate a sense of coziness. Westphalian and traditional cuisine as well as lovingly managed specialist shops reflect the great commitment that the residents have for their city. Telgte also has an extensive cultural offering. Mariä-Geburtsmarkt and the Kutschenwallfahrt (carriage pilgrimage) are further highlights that make Telgte a popular destination for an outing in Münsterland.

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