Harsewinkel with its districts Greffen and Marienfeld is located at the interface between Münsterland and Easter Westphalia. From a landscaping perspective it is embedded within the Münsterland park landscape, politically however it belongs to the municipality of Gütersloh.

Emsstadt with its 24,000 residents benefits from the strength of both regions: Economic prosperity and rural charm make them an appealing location for families as well as for businesses.

The three districts give Emsstadt is very own unique appeal. Whereas Harsewinkle is an urban center with a cozy provincial flair and houses the city council and central institutions, Marienfeld and Greffen have largely retained their rural character. Every third harvester bought in Europe was made here.

Peak season in Harsewinkel is all year round: Tradition and modernity are reflected in the some 500 events that take place every year: Schützenfests and jazz concerts by world-class musicians at the Farmhouse Jazzclub, organ concerts at the Marienfeld abbey church and craftwork at the Heimathaus, the legendary Spökenkiekerfahrt with vintage motorcycles in the spring and the top-notch motorcycle race at the Emstalstadion.

The late Romanesque abbey church of the former Cistercian monastery, the motorcycle and doll museum Beckmann, the Emstalstadion, the model aircraft airport Ikarus an der Ems and the nature reserve Hühnermoor are but some of the many sights.

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