Horn - Bad Meinberg


Horn-Bad Meinberg with its 16 districts is situated in the natural preserve Teutoburg Forest / Eggegebirge. Holding a city charter since 1248, the city of Horn is one of the oldest cities of the Lippe. In the natural preserve Teutoburger Forest / Eggegebirge you are tangibly close to nature. The upland ridges of the Mittelgebirge link unforgettable landscapes with lively nature, culture and history.

The Staatsbad Meinberg, which has been written about in a medical context for over 300 years, with its natural therapeutic elements sulphur mud, carbonic acid and mineral springs, is one of the most important spas in Germany. These three treasures of nature are retrieved and utilized by the Staatsbad Meinberg and used in their therapies in a natural state.

The historic Kurpark Band Meinberg offers an old collection of trees and a wonderful atmosphere for rest and relaxation. In the heart of the historic Kurpark you find the "Brunnentempel", the symbol of Bad Meinberg. The historic Kurpark covers an area of 6 hectares and is open to the public. The historic Kurpark dates back to a layout drafted by Head Forester Feige in 1767. Patrons and founders of the spa were Dr. Trampel and the Sovereign Graf Simon August zur Lippe. The historic Kurpark was created around the so-called mofette (source of gas).

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