Bevern is located in the beautiful Weser valley close to the D-Route 3 and the popular Weser cycle path (D-Route 9). Castle Bevern, one of the most splendid architectures of the Weser Renaissance, forms the center of area. Every year from May to October, the 400 year history of the castle is brought back to life with a mixture of masks and shadows and a multimedia production entitled World of Experience Renaissance®.

The Amelungsborn monastery was founded in the initial prime of the Cistercian monks in 1135 in the quaint village of Negenborn. The late Romanesque-Gothic church and medieval monastery garden is a pilgrimage station that leads along the 300 km route from Loccum to Volkenroda.  Once you reach the Weserbogen in the district of Reileifzen, you should briefly exchange your bike for a canoe or a rowboat. 


We recommend visiting during springtime when the region is celebrating its well-known cherry blossom festival. Later a rare orchid, the Lady's Slipper, blossoms in the region on the castle mountain near Bevern. Let the originality of the area entice you as you take a tour along the D-Route 3 and stop stop at one of the many idyllic cafes and beer gardens in Bevern.

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