Situated in this unique landscape with soft valleys and crystal-clear brooks, Dassel is the perfect place to relax after a long cycling trip along D-Route 3. Whether outdoor pools, swimming lakes, mini-golf or horseback riding, the attractive rural city has several relaxing activities for young and old.


Take a long walk through 1,000 years of history. Remnants such as the old castle ruins, the old city wall, Erichburg Castle or the Church of St. Laurentius with its rare frescos an be found everywhere. The history of the landscape can be read along the Wichtelpfad ("Pixy Path") Sieverhausen. Various tables provide a unique description of all topics about the forest.

You should also stop by the restored blacksmith's shop Blankschmiede in Dassel and the Wilhelm Busch Room in Lüthorst. Horse enthusiasts will certainly find what they're looking for at the Hunnesrück Stables.  There are several restaurants in and around Dassel that welcome you with regional delicacies and friendly hospitality.

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