Ebersnacken Observation Tower


The Ebersnacken observation tower dates back to year 1890. Back then, a survey tower was at the then highest altitude of 460 meters. The tower was constructed to a height of 13 meters using free wood by the district of Holzminden and subsidiaries.

The tower, almost fully concealed by trees, gives Vogler hikers a worthwhile destination, the view from Ebersnacken tower is truly impressive: On clear days you can see to the west all the way to Hermann Monument and the Brocken to the east. The new construction of the tower in 1922 was named after Prof. Dr. Dieckhoff. After the tower collapsed in 1946, a new tower was built in 1960 which was entirely renewed in 1990 and restored in 2000. This 26-meter high tower offers up a breathtaking view of the Weser Hills.

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