Romantic Route


Historic city centers, medieval city walls with their gates and towers, romantic monastery walls and the petrified dreams of the Bavarian fairytale king are just as much the region's highlights as the wildly romantic river valleys and fish ponds, the agricultural landscape that has developed over centuries, shady forests, a prehistoric meteorite crater and an awe-inspiring panorama of the Ammergau Alps.

Those who discover the region by bike will be rewarded with the most beautiful things that Franconia, Baden, Württemberg, Swabia and Upper Bavaria have to offer. Impressions await the traveler who has enough time and effort to let the region work its magic.


The versatile and unique cycle route Würzburg to Füssen does not call for the trained legs of a cycling pro: no mountains need to be crossed, so there are no challenging ascents. Only once reaching the town of Pfaffenwinkel do cyclists encounter a somewhat longer minor ascent that is easily mastered by less trained cyclists.

Some parts of the tour run along romantic river valleys: Tauber, Sulzach, Wörnitz and Lech are the best known places, and in Donauwörth we cross the still young Danube. Carp ponds and forest paths are characteristic landscape features of Franconia, and there are several larger and small lakes in Allgäu. And let's not forget: its not just the big cities that have an extensive culinary offering, so do many of the region's large and small villages. HOSPITALITY is written in capital letters - after all, the Romantic Route is also known as Germany's Festival-Connoisseur route.