A new cycling route for Germany - but why?

The German Cycle Network is a unit consisting of twelve long-distance cycle routes connecting all regions of Germany. All D-routes lead along existing cycle paths and are selected so as to connect an interesting starting point to an interesting destination.

This way, cyclists can plan and experience safe, comfortable and relaxing routes by combining several river or theme paths with one another. The aim of the German Cycle Network is to establish a fundamental quality standard and to improve it over the next few years.

Service offers, overnight accommodation or sights along various touristic cycle routes are connected via D-routes, creating a wide-ranging offering and a whole new experience for cyclists.

A new website about bike trips - don't we have enough already?

There are many websites on cycling trips: Route planning, GPS tracks, map providers, Internet presences of the individual routes, compete travel offers...

But isn't there a website where you can find all of this information at once? Where can you access all this information?

No, there is no such website - not yet!

www.Radnetz-Deutschland.de does not aim to re-create all of this information. Rather, the pilot project wants to compile this information. This is why cyclists won't find anything here that doesn't already exist - but what they will find is a collection of all the information there is about cycle trips linked on one single website  - without any tedious searching and surfing.

Join us!

The pilot project D-Route 3, as it is responsible for creating the website, does just that within the framework of the D-Route 3 project. All other route providers of other D-routes / cycle routes are welcome to join in - and for free! The presentations for the other D-routes are currently still incomplete.

Whoever feels up to developing an (official) representation of one of the D-routes... - let us have it!

The site is currently is currently restricted to linking to useful sites pertaining to the topic. Ideally, interfaces will be created to existing offers from other providers, so that content is mirrored without having to perform twice the amount of work.

A definite win for cyclist AND cycling regions!

Was suchen Sie?