Finally - I can ride my bike by myself!

There are just a few achievements that give children the feeling of - almost - being able to conquer the world by themselves. The first larger bike trip amplifies this feeling: Children realize that their bicycle not only connects them to others in their home environment but also virtually any place in the world.

It's up to parents to support this feeling and to plan excursions that cater to children's needs.

The project RADschlag provides valuable tips for your next bike outing.

» Route planning and accommodation

Many small children that are just starting to ride a bike should not be overstrained. The length of the tour should be adapted to your children's specific abilities. more...

» Tour length

Which length a child should ride at which age depends on the individual ability of each specific child.



» Safe on the go

Bike riding isn't dangerous per se. Children however startle easily or become distracted by external influences. This is why it is important to keep a few things in mind during your family outing. more...

» Legal tips for parents

What has to be taken into consideration? Where should parents and children ride? Liability? Insurance? RADschlag gives some answers.